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Vertical Microfiber Skin-friendly Absorbent Bath Towel

Vertical Microfiber Skin-friendly Absorbent Bath Towel

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Design Description: Full-width printing, single-sided printing
Material description: 100% polyester (microfiber)
Product performance: The unique microfiber fabric is used, the printing effect is bright and does not fade, the fabric has strong water absorption, and the fabric is fluffy and soft to the skin. Due to the fluffy and soft characteristics of the fabric, it can also be used as a blanket.
Applicable scene: bathroom, swimming pool, beach, school, outdoor, travel, tourism, picnic, etc., can be used as a commemorative gift or souvenir, personalized pattern customization will bring you envious eyes, especially for holidays, bachelorette parties , weddings, birthdays, travelers, and anyone who loves swimming or sunbathing is a great choice!
Accessory construction: One side is patterned and one side is white fleece.
Washing instructions: The product is not suitable for high temperature scalding and washing above 40 degrees; the plush sticks to fuel when it is first launched into the water, and there will be slight discoloration during cleaning, and the product itself will not fade; after washing, do not wring out, and smooth it in the direction of the hair to maintain original pattern.
Special note: This size data is due to different measurement methods, and the error within 1-3cm is a normal phenomenon.

Design Tips:
A side printing area image size: 3504 * 5670 px

Style: ins style, African style, Middle Eastern style
Material: Microfiber
Softness Index: Soft
DTG printing: A side
Thematic elements: ta compass, natural landscape, fantasy mushrooms
Color: White
Size: One Size

Package Content:

Bath towel*1

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